Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Weather Can I Play In?

Hey guys this seems to be a fairly common question from people to what weather they can play in and at the end of the day have your gear work. The most common climate seems to be "can i play in the snow?". I had a nice match this previous weekend in a wintery mix. i used a Co2 mag in my kjw Beretta since green gas doesn't like the cold all that much. That turned out fine along with my 2 aegs and bolt action. Obviously the bolt action was fine since there isn't much to it but most concerns are for aegs.My 2 cents is to keep your equipment in good condition by releasing the spring and cleaning before and after a game. I believe it will be fine as long as you keep your equipment in top care and you don't play in extreme conditions. A drizzle or short snow showers shouldn't murder your aeg.

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