Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stag Ar Platform

The image is of a real steel Stag arms model 5 6.8spc. Yes it is mine but what does it have to do with airsoft? Well I'm going over how alike it is to my echo1 m4a1 licensed by Stag arms! Cosmetically they very hard to tell the difference from other than the trademarks on the airsoft stand out as they are white to make them pop a little but more and mine is ABS plastic because I didn't purchase the full metal version. The dimensions are exact as they both line up from muzzle to butt stock. And the rails can use each others iron sights! I ended up buying my Echo 1 for an age and to see how
Close it was to my AR and its exact same trade marks other then then airsoft is modeled after the 5.56 as to the 6.8 spc. Echo 1 Stag trademarks are definitely a signature for the manufacture.

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