Friday, February 24, 2012

Aeg Sniper vs Bolt Action Sniper

Which is better for use as a Sniper rifle? Most people automatically think bolt action because it is designed for sniping. This isn't always true especially if guns like the we m14 keep coming out. Aegs aren't often seen as a sniper platform because to play on fields they have to be converted to semi auto capability only and people just find that its to complicated. If you decide you want an AEG sniper platform you'll have a few advantages. With an AEG sniper you can keep shooting with out ever removing your eyes off target, you can send a few rounds down range and you have the availability of using many more different magazine types. If you can build an AEG sniper then life will be much easier then a bolt action. But the bolt actions can have more power right? No you can upgrade an AEG to shoot much harder the bolt actions. Yes it is very costly but it is very much possible because there are plenty of people who have done it!The thing about bolt action is the feeling but it takes time to build up the skill to use one.

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