Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is your favorite style handgun?

I love my handguns and recently my custom Tokyo Marui desert eagle internally blew up and if any of you know how much of a pain the TM desert eagles are you understand why Ive just given up! Honestly though a Tokyo Marui was the best gbb Ive ever shot and I want a new one but I am just stuck on which style to go with. I love 1911s M9s and P226s which Marui makes all of. I really love the sigs but I heard they have valve knocker issues and magazine issues. I love the M9s but they just aren't very customizable. The 1911s I have clones of by the truck load so I think I am going to go with the P226 and eventually add a guarder full metal stainless kit. What do you guys think would be a great new sidearm skirmish gun?

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  1. I gotta go with my HK USP F, .45. Really good size for my hands. Extremely reliable. Easy to clean with that polygonal rifling and cold forged barrel. All in all my favorite gun by far.