Saturday, December 10, 2011

My WE-TECH Race Gun project

Hello readers I am going to share with you one of my on going projects. I am taking a WE-TECH 5.1 hi-capa that i got from and turning it into an airsoft IPSC (International practical shooting confederation) Limcat race gun with parts that I have been slowly ordering from around the world. The things I've bought for it so far a new slide, cocking handle, Pro arms 6.01 Tight Bore Barrel, Comp ready barrel, Compensator, and mag well. The things i still need to buy a sight mount, red dot, and a new charging handle because the one i have will not fit on the new slide i purchased. The picture above is what i have so far and this little guy is turning out to impress me considering most base guns are of the famous Tokyo Marui's but it is holding its own quite fine. Free mods ive done are raised the magazine gas lip for a better seal, filling of the grip to my preferences at the mag well and grip, I also polished the rails till i could see my face reflect on them along with tweaking my trigger pull to preference and rear grip safety tension I will put up another post when the gun reaches another big step and will be labeled the same tittle with part 2 if you interested on keeping track of this project. If you would like to purchase the gun im using as a base gun or see it here is the link:


  1. Looking forward for that :P

  2. Sounds awesome, can't wait to see when its done.

  3. Man that looks so real, be cautious.