Monday, December 12, 2011

Issues Finding a GBB Glock

Hello airsofter glock fans. Wondering why your having issues finding a gbb glock? This is a very common thing people wonder is "I don't see many gbb glock type pistols around (in the United States)". Well this is because of licensing issue with glock it self sadly. So does this mean they don't exist? No that is not true you can actually order them from over seas for the Tokyo Marui and KWA brand glocks which I personally believe are the best out there considering I have two KWA g19 and a KWA g18c that does shoot in semi and full auto so I may be a bit biased towards KWA/KSC glock type pistols. What if I don't want to order over seas because of shipping costs and customs issues? Well your almost out of luck but my good pal occasionally has upper and lower half's for KWA g17s and g18cs. They also carry upper and lowers for the Tokyo Marui g17. Now we tech is also coming out with glocks but they are sold in uppers and lowers only on along with the old KJW glock type pistols which people basically blew off until the glock scarcity came up. This is the only way to get glock type GBBs! They aren't impossible to get but they aren't the easiest thing to get a hold of especially used because they are of high value for how rare they have become. If your interested in a glock check out in gas gun parts section! They also sell the fpg which is a fold up g18 and the atp which has a glock style which are both much easier to find though.