Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gold Socom Gear 1911a1 GBB

This is Socom Gear's golden government 1911a1 GBB(gas blow back) pistol. It is basically a standard WE TECH government 1911 because it uses the same 15 round magazines. This thing is a beauty! I ordered mine from for $165. They say there are only 500 of them but i find that hard to believe. The whole slide is TM compatible and some of the lower frame. Can get about 2 mags worth of gas on a warm day about 30-35 rounds. Shoots very well and accurate with matrix .20g bbs. It can be used in games not just a pretty hunk of metal and i use mine quite often! The gold finish is just a cool factor and makes you look like a cool cat. Has a threaded orange tip which is removable allowing for silencer or tracer attachments. The grips are soft rubber allowing it to stick to your hand with comfort. What isn't gold is black except i changed my barrel to a chrome one. Over all i give her a 8 out of 10 because it does everything you need it to but it does catch attention very easily and your always scared of messing up your gold finish.


  1. good thing the orange tip is removable

  2. dont like the colour at all nice post tough

  3. Wow, it looks awesome. I might just get one.