Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Evike.com is my favorite airsoft retailer out of everyone. Shipping is always reasonably timed they don't mess around. I rate them 10 for 10! They have great prices on everything from bbs to accessories to guns. I only buy there bbs now because they are the cheapest high quality and i shoot them through my tight bore barrels for a few years now with out a single jam. I have also ordered about 10 airsoft guns from them always in perfect working order right out of the box except on one gun that i simply emailed them and they had me send it in for a new one. If you have any problem with them they will always go out of there way to fix it. You will be on hold for a while if you try to call them but they are dealing with thousands of calls so i cant really complain. They also have there own airsoft forum to talk with fellow airsofters. I love Evike.com so much because they will always work with you and if there is a mistake they will do everything they can to fix even if it isn't there fault. If you need any airsoft equipment at all this is whom I suggest you take a look at first. Please check out www.Evike.com for any airsoft equipment needs!


  1. Do you play on a team? If so which?

  2. ah nice this site is great, looks like whenever I wanna get an airsoft I know the place

  3. My buddy got a claymore from these guys, they really do make some good products