Saturday, December 3, 2011

75rd Magpul Emag Review

These are m4/m16 style airsoft magazines. The Magpul emags made by Star green label series. They hold 75 rounds with out risking feed malfunction/breaking and I believe will hold up to 80 but wouldn't try it. These are mid capacity magazines so that means there isn't any winding or rattling but you do have to use a speed loader to fill them and you can can keep reloading mags because you can get a bunch since there only $9 each of of . They are very light weight but are high quality. These look great on standard m4s but i believe they where made for other type 5.56 rifles that except the m4/m16 style magazines like the acr. These do not however fit into my Echo1 m8a3 dmr style m4 so keep note if you have that gun and the reason is because the front of the magazine well comes to far down in the front which i did not not know until i tried them on that gun. However they fit in my echo1 m4a1 perfectly fine and work flawlessly after I broke them in which is required for all high quality mid capacity magazines.The bottom plates do come off but don't really do anything. You will however notice that there is a circle on top that says "80" if you can turn it 90 degrees it will release all of the springs tension but will pop open very rapidly. Notice i did however say If you can turn it because it is extremely hard to do. Cosmetics on this magazine are amazing with Magpul trade marks and window showing fake bullets replicating the real steel version showing how many rounds you have. From 1 to 10 i rate these a 8.5 ignoring my bias for these mags. Even though i love them they do not fit every style m4 like they should and i did have issues with breaking them in (took longer to break in then should have) Otherwise they work extremely well even for high speed guns that will shoot 31 rounds per second.


  1. How durable are these?

  2. That mag looks insane! Nice review.

  3. looks awesome you can even see how many bullets you have left!!