Sunday, January 8, 2012

Matrix Tracer Unit/Silencer

Now that the holidays are over hopefully I can get back on track with my blogging! This post is going to be a review on my matrix tracer unit. The matrix tracer unit is the exact same as Echo1 and Big Dragon. The unit is threaded for counter clockwise (lefty tighty righty lefty loosey. The tracer runs on 4 AAA batteries and has an easy accessible switch that doesn't stand out. When you get your first experience with a tracer you cant stop wasting ammo it is a very cool experience. I use .20 matrix tracer bbs through mine and they glow as bright as I could ask for and the ammo is the cheapest but not crappy where it will damage or jam a tight bore. The combo I use has 100% satisfaction performance for me. The only complaint I have is that this is my second one but my first one did get abused. The tracer does give off muzzle flash when its on and a bb goes through which could be a negative but I believe it adds to the realism. I rate this a 7 out of 10 because it could have more detail in textures or trademarks and have more durability. The tracer otherwise is excellent as long as you don't let little kids drop it around and not slam it around.

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