Monday, December 26, 2011

JG P90 Railed Edition

I hope all had a very good time for the holidays! Sorry Ive been a little out of it do to getting ready for them so it took away from some of my blogging time. For Christmas I ended up with a JG P90 TR(Tri Rail). You can get one of these little guys at for $130. The gun is half polymer and half metal in resemblance to its real steel version. The gun is very small perfect for CQB or a secondary weapon. I personally will be using this gun as a secondary to my DMR (designated Marksman Rifle) and my sniper rifles. Now what is so special about the P90s is there bull pup design with a very high ROF (Rate Of Fire) with it being 100% ambidextrous. This design allows it to be about a foot and a half long with having the same barrel length of a HK G36c. A nice feature is that when the gun is on fully automatic when you pull the trigger half way it will only shoot one round and back all the way it goes on full auto much like the AUG design. So you don't sacrifice much range and accuracy with this weapon platform. In the airsoft world this gun is sought after for its ease to disassemble making it one of the simplest AEGs to get to the gearbox and inner barrel for maintenance and upgrades. I do suggest this gun to all types of players. The only downfall to the P90 series is there lack of mag pouches but it is being recognized and are starting to exist.I rate this 9/10 because the iron sights could have a nicer design but they do work 100% and my upper receiver has the slightest wobble to it.


  1. Damn, I love the P90!

  2. yea, thats a beast of a gun

  3. Damn, I wish i carried this one when i was in the army. AK-47 is awesome, but this is something else.