Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Cheeply Short Stroke Your 1911 GBB

What is short stroking and how will it help? Short stroking is basically reducing how far the slide goes back on your pistol which helps in recoil and faster cycling/ROF. The down fall to this is that when your out of rounds the slide will not lock back. It isn't to hard figure out how much you can use to allow the gun to cycle properly but it takes a lot of trial and error which can be very time consuming. I have figured out a cheep simple way that works perfectly on both of my TM compatible 1911s one single stack and one double. If your 1911 is not TM compatible i can not guarantee perfect cycling but it could still work and you will understand the concept. First you need to do a basic field strip of you GBB and set everything aside but your spring guide set up and recoil spring. It should have already a rubber ring to act as a washer and a thin metal washer. You are going to replace these with small lego tires. The small treaded type or the small smooth type. I used two small treaded tires on my guns you can use one small smooth tire. You then replace the metal washer on top then the spring and put the gun back together.

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