Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another way to get into airsoft

This is a post dedicated to bringing gamers to there feet and into the sport of airsoft. So you like the thrill of head shots and kill to death ratios and exploring maps and different game play scenarios. Well why don't you do that but instead of turning on that xbox gather up your friends and play a airsoft game. Then people will get off your case about not being outside and being fit and you get to have the same fun if not more fun. But i want to play something other than death match! That isn't a problem you can play a game involving planting a simulated bomb by using an ipod on a timer in an open briefcase that you have to type a pass code in to defuse or something as simple as a timing stop watch in a box. Your only limited by your mind people! Play hostage games or survival games anything you play on xbox or ps3 can be simulated in airsoft! The equipment is there buy your favorite guns and gear while setting up a backyard field and props for different game types and get active!

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