Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where Can You Airsoft?

One of the most common concerns with airsoft is where can I play? Well, anywhere you have permission. You can play in your backyard, in the woods or even fields designed specifically for airsoft. There are a couple different ways to label where you play. The big ones are CQB, Outdoor, and speed shooting courses. I will cover speed shooting as one topic in the future. CQB stands for close quarters combat. At most CQB fields the fps is usually limited to a velocity of 350 fps (feet per second) because the space is very tight and played like a swat team clearing rooms. There isn't a strong need for power and range mostly focusing on tactics, mobility, speed, agility and at times rate of fire. Why would I need rate of fire and what is it? Rate of fire for short rof is how many bbs your gun shoots in a minute. For example a normal gun shoots about 800 rpm (rounds per minute) as to a cqb gun shooting 1000 rps. This is a desire to clear rooms fast when there are multiple targets inside. Outdoor fields basically self explain themselves because it's any field played outside. These fields usually have an fps limit of 400 for aegs (automatic electric guns) and gas guns unless they are specified snipers which have a limit to 500 fps with no capability of firing fully automatic but usually you can have a semi automatic sniper. Outdoor fields vary from woods to fields and even little mock towns. The creation of an airsoft field is only limited by your imagination.


  1. I wish I knew some people I could play with. Seems like it's a lot of fun

  2. there is an air soft field about an hour from me. going tomorrow on black Friday, supposedly there is a ~150 person turn out normally! cant wait!

  3. thanks bor, now i want to airsoft.. thanks!